Attending an AGM?


Attending an AGM?

May 03, 2024

Attending an AGM?  

It’s bored to attend an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of a management corporation (MCST)! Is it? This article summarises the common challenges at AGMs of MCSTs with recommendations. Only with a fully and completely tested business processes could guide the Convener of an AGM to deliver a successful convened and concluded AGM.


It’s bored to attend an Annual General Meeting (AGM)! 😴

The AGM was a “sparring” moment between two camps, each trying to outdo the other😠

The Managing Agent (MA) did not control the AGM, resulting in too much time discussing unrelated matters.🗣

Many motions were passed because subsidiary proprietors (SP) represented absentee SPs as their proxies via proxy forms to control the results of the votes.

It is not uncommon to hear these statements.

An AGM is indeed one of the important events in the calendar of a management corporation (MCST). According to the Building Maintenance & Strata Management Act (BMSMA), an MCST is required to convene an AGM in each calendar year, not more than 15 months from the last AGM, and within four months from the close of the financial year [Sect 26(3)(f) and [Sect 27(1)].  💯

The business processes for preparing for an AGM commence just at the close of the financial year of an MCST. Among others, the business processes include: to preparing the AGM document, to arranging for logistical support; to convening the meeting, to conduct voting and to concluding the meeting. Each of these processes is embodied with further detailed processes. A well trained team to manage an AGM is therefore needed.💯

The Chairperson of the Council presides an AGM (1st Sch Para 6). He is assisted by a Convener that is usually the Team Lead from the appointed MA. The Convener should be conversant with the agenda tabled for an AGM. The AGM should comply with the 1st Schedule of the BMSMA.💯

Whether an AGM is convened electronically or in-person, there should be reasonable explanation for the agenda tabled.  While the BMSMA does not specify how an AGM should be conducted, basic rules such as speaking time accorded for an attendee may be implemented to guide discussion be confined within the context of the agenda. If an AGM is convened by electronic means, the live chat feature may be activated as an avenue for questions be submitted. The Convener may respond to these questions either verbally or in the live chat. There should be reasonable opportunity granted for question time before a vote is taken.

The use of an electronic voting platform provides efficiency and mitigate human errors. It is recommended that an electronic voting platform be used for an in-person AGM to save time and cost spent when manual counting of votes is conducted. 💯

Subject to 1st Sch Para 3(a)(ii) being complied, full set AGM document may be provided online to SPs since 1 July 2023. This provision could help MCSTs saving more than 70% in cost spent for printing of AGM document and postages. 👏

Any SP may submit a private motion for a general meeting (1st Sch Para 12). More SPs have been submitting private motions at AGMs in recent years. It is the fundamental right of an SP to raise any motion dear to his heart at an AGM.  However, any motion submitted should be proper and clear, and not in conflict with BMSMA.  An improper or unclear motion, if passed, may not be enforceable. The Chairperson (usually at the advice of the Convener) may rule that such motion submitted is out of order (1st Sch Para 4). The MA should whenever possible, set up communication with SPs that have submitted private motions. This may mitigate grievances from any SP when his private motion is ruled out of order at the AGM.

An AGM may be perceived like a Show. A Show could only be a success when there are preparation and presentation. 台上一分钟,台下十年工. Effort is needed in preparation to secure a successful AGM. Our Team Leaders: Annie Ooi and Theresa Teo follow a strict four months Pre-AGM business processes comprising preparation, anticipation, training and rehearsal leading to seamless and successfully concluded AGMs. 💪

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About the Author: Teo Poh Siang is the Founder of Wisely 98 Pte Ltd, an established company providing strata management services and training in Singapore and South-East Asia. He is the author of A Practical Guide to Strata Management in Singapore (1st and 2nd Editions). This is the first and only book in Singapore written by a strata practitioner. This book is available at Poh Siang is also an Accredited Strata Manager and a Registered Salesperson in real estate.

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