Encroachment at common area


Encroachment at common area

December 06, 2021

A writer wrote in the Forum of the Straits Times about use of common area. Encroachment at common area (space) is a perennial issue. Without enforcement, it is common to find more common space being occupied by inconsiderate occupants. This is not just an issue at the residential estates. Strata malls and industrial estates faced similiar encroachment issue but of a different significance. Enforcement is welcome by some but disliked by those whom enjoyed occupying the common space. The rule is, if one is allowed to use the common area, then many others should be allowed. When many are allowed to occupy the common area for their own purposes, inconvenience will be caused to most, if not all occupants. Any use of the common area, if allowed, should be reasonable and not cause safety nor inconvenience to others.


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