Smoking at balcony or patio


Smoking at balcony or patio

October 16, 2021

A writer in his letter to the Forum in Straits Times  of 16 October 2021 wrote that three condos had passed By-law prohibiting smoking at the balconies and patios. If the balconies and patios are within the strata area of the lots, can any MCST passed such By-law to control spaces that are within the lots of someones, meaning spaces that are not common property?

Section 32 of the Building Maintenance & Strata Management Act only allows an MCST to pass By-law for the common property.

Smoking is not allowed at places spelt in the Smoking (Prohibition at Certain Places) Regulations. Balconies and patios do not appear in the list of prohibited places.

All measures against second hand smoke are good. However, they must be able to withstand challenges legally.

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