What should you choose for a career?


What should you choose for a career?

April 02, 2024

What should you choose for a career?

When Tom Skiba, CEO of Community Associations Institute spoke at the CPD class of the Association of Strata Managers last month  12 March, he asked the class of 120 practitioners this question:

“Did anyone choose to be a Strata Manager when you were a student?”

There was a complete silence. 🤫

None of us has chosen Strata Management as a career when we were students.

Most if not, all people want their homes and workplaces managed professionally and well. How could people that spent more than 80% of their time each day (home, work and leisure) within the built-environment not realising what, who and how their homes and  workplaces are managed?

More than 23,000 teenagers sat for the GCE “O” Level Examination every year. Most of these 23,000 leaders of tomorrow that we have every year, possibly did know about what is Strata Management. Little was known about Strata Management when I was a teenager some 40 years ago. It might be an awareness issue!

Strata Management, also known as Community Management in some countries, refers to the management and administration of properties that are divided into multiple units called strata units. These comprise condominiums, offices and industrial spaces. In a strata-titled property, individual owners hold titles to their respective units while common areas, such as lobbies,  elevators, escalators, central air-con, swimming pools and gyms, are jointly owned and managed by all unit owners through a management corporation (MCST). The people hired to manage these common areas are called Strata Managers. There are about 4,000 active MCSTs in Singapore currently. About 100 new MCSTs are added each year. The potential for employment is therefore big and attractive. 🌞There are ample opportunities across the Causeway in Malaysia and at different part of the World.

I am the Founder of Wisely 98 Pte Ltd, an established property consultancy with over 30 years of track record managing broad and diverse portfolios that brings depth of knowledge and capability to the MCSTs.  This breadth includes shopping malls, mixed-use, industrial, premium and mass-market strata residential developments. We adopt digitalised management across all functions to deliver superior end-to-end customer experience for the MCSTs. We called ourselves, the Digital Strata Managing Agent.💯

Our Leadership Team include outstanding Accredited Strata Managers like Annie Ooi and Theresa Teo. 👍Being a Trainer, I believe strongly in training. All new hires are placed in specially curated 30 60 90 training programmes where a mentor is assigned and constant appraisal provided.

We are hiring.

Email teopohsiang@wisely98.com if you like to hear more about us.


About the Author: Teo Poh Siang is the Founder of Wisely 98 Pte Ltd, an established company providing strata management services and training in Singapore and South-East Asia. He is the author of A Practical Guide to Strata Management in Singapore (1st and 2nd Editions). This is the first book in Singapore written by a strata practitioner. This book is available at www.wisely98.com/publications. Poh Siang is also an Accredited Strata Manager and a Registered Salesperson in real estate.

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