Wisely 98 Pte Ltd is an Accredited Strata Firm


Wisely 98 Pte Ltd is an Accredited Strata Firm

June 25, 2024

Findings from a pilot study conducted by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) indicated that Management Corporations (MCSTs) have reported encouraging satisfaction levels in the service performance of accredited managing agent (MA) firms and individuals.💯

MA Individuals can obtain accreditation at the individual level by undergoing a structured training programme, comprising components conducted by either  of  two BCA approved associations (ASM and APFM) and additional training by the BCA Academy.

The structured programme covers essential areas such as the framework of BMSMA, application of the BMSMA, building services, communication and office administration. The training equip MAs with the necessary capabilities to carry out their duties professionally and offer informed guidance to MCSTs.💯

There are 36 MA Firms that have fulfilled the above accreditation requirements.

Wisely 98 Pte Ltd is one of the 36 MA Firms.👏 Wisely 98 Pte Ltd is an Accredited Strata Firm under the accreditation scheme administered by ASM (https://asm.org.sg/accredited-strata-firms).

Our Accredited Strata Managers are required to complete a continuous professional development (CPD) training for a minimum of eight (8) continuous hours each year. These courses equipped our Accredited Strata Managers with  technical, professional and soft skills so that they are able to deliver superior services  to serve the MCSTs. 💪

✅️We constantly upskill our staff by sending them for the structured training listed above.

✅️We follow the 10-20-70 learning model adopted by many organisations

✅️ We also adopt the less formal in house tell-show-do knowledge sharing sessions.

All effort are made to ensure we stay relevant and able to bring value to the table. 🌈

BCA Media Release 24 Jun 2024


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