A Practical Guide to Strata Management in Singapore (Second Edition)

Author: Teo Poh Siang

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Author: Teo Poh Siang
Language: English
Category(s): 1. Real estate management­– Singapore.
2. Building management, Strata Management – Singapore.
3. Real estate management­– Law and legislation­– Singapore.
ISBN: 978-981-14-5843-9
Published by: Candid Creation Publishing
Publication Date: September 2020
Book Size: A5 (paperback)
Pages: 304 pages

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Product Synopsis

With the rise in the cost of living in Singapore comes the rise in expectations from subsidiary proprietors and occupants. Coupled with the introduction of new laws in the built environment in recent years, clients are looking for more productivity from strata practitioners in the maintenance management of their developments.
The strata community—especially strata practitioners—is finding challenges in seeking information on what, when and how to manage a typical strata development. Although this information may be available, they are found in different sources across legislations, books, agencies and trades. Even when a particular source is found, the effort required to pore through the information could be laborious.
A Practical Guide to Strata Management in Singapore (Second Edition) is the all-encompassing solution to the problems faced by the strata community. It provides an up-to-date account of the significant amendments of the Building Maintenance & Strata Management Act (BMSMA) which came into effect on 1 February 2019. In this easy-to-follow guide, the author walks readers through the day-to-day operations of strata management, ranging from operations management, administrative management, financial management, to the recommendation of standard operating procedures (SOP) that could help practitioners prevent pitfalls. By focusing on the issues encountered by the strata community, this book provides a holistic approach with practical solutions that will make strata management an exciting and interesting profession that many will find passionate about.

What Makes A Practical Guide to Strata Management in Singapore (2nd Edition) the quintessential guide?

• Be-all handbook: This book draws specific and relevant provisions from more than 30 legislations and code of practices, on top of 75 case studies, to provide a comprehensive guide for readers. The author also shares his views and practical tips, drawn from decades of experience, to assist strata practitioners in their work.

• Easy-to-read content: Written in a simple language that makes both the legal and technical aspects of strata management easy to understand, this book offers readers insights into strata management in an engaging way.

• Clear and concise: Be it discussing real problems faced by stakeholders of a strata community, applying a legislation or code of practice, taking over/handing over a strata development, managing vendors and clients or convening meetings, this book takes readers through real-life anecdotes and practical insights into strata management in a pragmatic approach. Written by a strata management guru who has walked the talk, this book is a gem to the strata community.

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