In a world of unprecedented disruption, digital transformation is paramount.

Being customer centric is a key focus for Wisely and a commitment we constantly strive to achieve.

We have invested heavily in enhancing our digital infrastructure to deliver superior end-to-end customer experience.

E-Payment E-Payment


Track outstanding payments and receive them instantly and securely.
Facilities Booking Facilities Booking

Facilities Booking

Allow residents to view when facilities are available and instantly make a booking
Visitor Management Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Combine convenience and security with one-time pins to grant entry for visitors
Digital Announcements Digital Announcements

Digital Announcements

Instant push announcements for estate managers and management committees for easy mass communication
Statement of Accounts Statement of Accounts

Statement of Accounts

View updated statements of accounts and track payments made to the estate via the integrated app
Fault Reporting Fault Reporting

Fault Reporting

Report equipment breakdowns and estate matters while tracking their progress with real-time updates
Chat Bot Chat Bot

Chat Bot

Be available to residents immediately and respond to any frequently asked questions 24/7
Management Dashboard for Council Member Management Dashboard for Council Member

Management Dashboard for Council Member

Get an overview of the estate with bank balance, occupancy and visitor rates, facilities usage and resident satisfaction levels all in one place.
Backend Integration Backend Integration

Backend Integration

Designed to integrate and work with existing backends for ease-of-use.


We provide property and facility management services for investment and strata titled properties. Our information system enables the tracking of building services and facilities, providing critical decision-making information, these insights are further supported by our customised property management accounting system which allows cost-effective management through budgeting, billing collection and arrears management.

We are well-versed in the handling of major projects involving the coordination of multiple parties. Our track record includes transitioning from pre-TOP to AGM, applications for maintenance fee approvals, conducting AGMs, handing over of common property and the continuation of strata management schemes with newly or existing elected councils. Retrofitting and building upgrading also falls within our scope, with more than 1 million sq feet of developments under our care benefiting from builder works, air-conditioning, mechanical and electrical engineering services and installation of new facilities. 


We offer advice in effective marketing and pricing strategies for owners in the sale and leasing of commercial, industrial and residential properties and in particular in the negotiation of the best sale and leasing terms for the clients.

We provide analysis reports for possible collective sales for strata titled developments and undertake the sale of these developments from the formation of the sale committees till completion of sales.


We act as independent expert witness testifying in Courts on property defect matters and complex strata titled disputes. We advise property owners in property related matters and revenue enhancement projects, providing expert advice in maximizing returns from the common property for the body corporates.

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